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The Dragnet Challenge is to complete a 35 mile trek on foot in the wilds of the Lake District.  Teams of four leave the “top secret” drop off point on the Friday night and navigate back to the defined base camp, to arrive on the Sunday morning. On the way you must evade the teams of experienced searchers who can take “lives”.  Each life lost will reduce your team’s chance of winning the competition as the winners will be the team to arrive at the Base Camp check in point nearest to 11:00, with the least number of lives lost.

Dragnet is held at a top secret destination within the Cumbrian Lake District.

Teams of FOUR who are bonafide members of the Scout or Guide movement, who are OVER 14, and UNDER 25 years of age on 3rd July 2015.


The next Dragnet Challenge is 3rd to 5th July 2015

Explorer Scout leaders of Cumbria.

per team of four.  This includes coach transport to the secret drop off point on Friday night, prizes for the top teams, Sunday lunch and pick up minibuses for retiring teams.


Dragnet is a serious event.  You MUST be prepared to walk a distance of up to 35 miles in open country, through the night and possibly in poor weather.  It is vital that you are well prepared and have the right equipment.
You must check in at Dragnet Base NO LATER THAN 21:00 on the Friday night.  Please arrange transport to make sure you are there on time.  It is not a good idea to rely on public transport, as you are unlikely to be able to get a train to anywhere near Dragnet Base.  Location of Base is kept secret so local teams cannot gain an unfair advantage prior to the competition.  You will therefore be asked to report to a rendezvous point from which you will be directed to Base.  Please allow half an hour for this, and so report to the rendezvous point no later than 20:30.  Base is also the finish point for the competition.  This is where teams should be picked up from on Sunday by 14:00.

1.  Acknowledgement of entries, essential equipment and other details will be sent out after the closing date.  A list of essential equipment also appears on this website.
2.  Teams are responsible for their own transport to and from Dragnet Base, for their equipment and for their own food (except Sunday lunch). Spare tents and equipment may be left at Base in case needed on Saturday night (for example if your team drops out early). Anything left at Base must be clearly labelled.  We ask teams NOT to erect tents left at Base on Friday night.  You will be off site for the duration of the competition unless you return after dropping out. Briefing on Friday night will have instructions on what to do if you return to Base early.
3.  There will be prizes for the winning team of 14-17 year olds (Explorer Scouts) and of 18-25 year olds (Scout Network), together with certificates and metal badges for the top ten finishing teams in each category.
4.   There is a limit on the number of teams that enter, and applications are dealt with in the order they are received. Teams of mixed age groups compete in the Scout Network category.
5.  If your team is dropping out, you must ring base to let them know where you are and why you are dropping out.  You may have to wait a number of hours for pick-up as emergencies will take priority.  You will have essential equipment, so please use it to make yourselves comfortable.
Leaders may join in as Searchers for all or part of the weekend.  If you wish to be part of the Search team please contact Judith (details on Contact Us page) for further information.

there will be NO CAMPING available for leaders at base this year, sorry.  Please contact us for details of local campsites.

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